The Pioneer Woman 20 Piece Kitchen Gadget Utensil Set (Rose Shadow)

List Price: $57.99
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Item ASIN: B0784FDF5N
Top Feature :
The Pioneer Woman 20-Piece Gadget Set is versatile and stylish. This stunning gadget set includes four-piece knives, three-piece silicone tools, one-piece cutting board, one-piece acacia woodden spoon, one-piece melamine spoon rest, four-piece melamine measuring cups, four-piece measuring spoons and two-piece (16-ounce) cup melamine measuring pitcher. These fun patterns don’t need to stay in the kitchen, be sure to pick up matching dinnerware and accessories in each of these unique designs!

Item Description:

6″ Nakiri knife with sheath 3.5″ paring knife with sheath 13″ x 9″ cutting board 2 silicone mini tools Wood handle silicone spoonula Wood handle silicone spatula Wooden spoon Melamine spoon rest 4 melamine measuring cups 4 melamine measuring spoons 16 oz melamine measuring pitcher…

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