Men’s COOL Gadgets Snake Head Design Blue LED Watches

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Top Feature :
Led electronic movement and high-quality electronic components

Item Description:

Main Features: Strap Material: Alloy The crowd: Male    Special features: luminous, calendar Housing material: Metal Category: Watches Shape of the dial: Serpentine Style: Fashion Color: Gun color categories strap, case, dial, hands, hanging watch, pocket watch, movement, other Movement: Electronic Specification: Size: dial length of about 4.5cm, width of about 2.8-4cm

The total length of about 24.55cm, strap thickness of about 5mm, strap width of about 2cm Instructions of setting date and time: In the display, press and hold the button for 3 seconds and the release, the hour indicator(1-2) flashes, you can click the button to set the hour date; hold down the button again for 3 seconds, minute idicator flashes, you can click the button to set the minutes data; completion time seeting hod down the button for 3 seconds, the month of the indicator flashes, click the button to set the month; hold the button 3 seconds, represents the date of indicator is flashing , click the button to set the date.

During the setup process, if no key action within 5 seconds, will complete the setting and close the display. Any question please kindly contact us directly and we promise to work hard to solve the problems.

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